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Commodities Trading

Commodities trading has a rich history dating back to the open outcry pits of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. AnforeFX provides traders access to the most liquid commodities markets, giving them the ability to trade with maximum leverage. Commodities markets are known for their volatility and the market structure suits traders who use technical analysis.

With Anfore FX, you can trade both energy and metals including Oil, Gold, and Silver. The commodities markets are open 23 hours a day with a 45 minute session break at the end of the CME Globex trading session. All Anfore FX clients are able to exploit volatility on global commodities markets with seamless 24 hour access via the Anfore FX MetaTrader 4 platform.

Even if you aren’t an active commodities trader, it is worthwhile to watch the close correlations that appear between the commodities, forex and indices markets so you can take advantage of any trading opportunities that may arise.




Oil Trading
Otherwise known as ‘Black Gold, for centuries speculators were able to assess the overall health of world economies through the price of Oil.Explore the Oil market and benefit from the increased transparency of trading a CME listed futures market on the Anfore FX MetaTrader 4 Platform.
Trade this highly technical market and take advantage of the correlation between Commodities, Forex and Indices markets yourself. Trade Oil.

0.01 Lots
Controls 10 Barrels of Oil
Gold Trading
For centuries, Gold has been used as a safeguard against risk. In today’s highly volatile market environment, adding Gold to your portfolio via the MetaTrader 4 Platform helps to insure against major ‘black swan’ events. All central banks are printing money, but you can’t print Gold. The fact there is a finite supply of Gold means that speculation will always occur in this asset class. Increased volatility is what traders live by and thrive on. Trade Gold.

0.01 Lots
Controls 1 Ounce of Gold

Silver Trading
Unsophisticated investors may refer to Silver as a poor man’s Gold, but don’t discount this highly volatile metal yourself. Closely correlated to Gold, Silver presents a vast number of trading opportunities otherwise missed if only trading Gold.
Find your market edge while trading Silver through the Anfore FX true Direct Market Access MT4 Platform. If you are looking to exploit opportunity on a transparent and highly liquid market, trade Silver.

0.01 Lots
Controls 50 Ounces of Silver



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RISK WARNING: Foreign exchange (Forex) and Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading involve a high degree of leverage. Leverage can result in losses as well as gains. Losses can exceed your deposit. These products involve a substantial risk of loss may not be suitable for all investors and you should consult an independent advisor if you are not sure whether Forex or CFDs are a suitable investment.


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